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Glass Folding Partitions

Habila 900/910 - is a simple and user-friendly glass folding wall with hinged panels. All panels are linked, and as you pull the front panel the other panels follow.The wall structure is suspended from a ceiling track. Habila 900 has a timber frame, Habila 910 an aluminium frame.

Panels are supplied with a standard fitting of laminated or hardened clear glass but they can also be ordered with integral venetian blinds or with sandblasted/acid-etched glass.

Habila 920 is a sturdy and versatile all-glass mobile wall fitted with 10-mm or 12-mm hardened glass. It is extremely suited where the need is for a mobile glass partition free of vertical framing. The glass panels have top and bottom framing, and individual panels are hung from a ceiling track on multifunctional wheels. This permits the whole glass wall - or part of it - to be moved off and parked away from its working position on a discreet sidetrack, depending on the type of glass. Each panel can also be locked. This makes the Habila 920 suitable, for example, as an indoor shop front. Panels can be fitted with single or double doors. Habila 920 is available for powered operation.